Saturday, January 12, 2013

MUJI diary

Do you have a MUJI store where you live? There are a few MUJI stores in Germany, and I'm lucky that both Berlin and Munich have one. I like the simplicity of their products, especially their blank, pocket-size notebooks. I've been using those as my 'offline' diary since 2009, and I was surely devastated when I found out, that they don't carry those anymore this year! All of their notebooks in Berlin were either lined or checked (German notebook style, which I hate...) and no one could say whether the blank ones would ever be in stock again. Misery!

When I went to Munich I tried my luck and dropped by at their MUJI, and they still had some left! Those seemed to be the last ones though, so I directly bought two of them, just in case (now that I think about it, maybe I should've bought more).

I love the smoothness of the paper, which let me write or sketch easily on it, no matter what pen I use. I also love that the cover is also blank, so I can create my own cover for each book. For the first one I sewed a cloth cover. For the second one I just used some masking tapes. This time I combined a few different materials:

  1. Paste the masking tape and lace tape to your heart's delight.
  2. Create a dymo label, maybe the title of the book?
  3. Cut a speech buble from an old magazine and write a message on it with a permanet marker.

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